The client approached us with a management problem of one of the largest
coworking spaces in the country. They wanted a seamless cloud based
solution that would not only be cost-effective but would also fulfill most of
their urgent requirements.


We proposed an off-the shelf solution to the client, given that they didn’t have the required time or man-power to build a custom solution from scratch.

Nexudus was proposed as the go-to coworking management software for the client. Nexudus is a complete coworking space management system for memberships, payments, events, newsletters, and much more (even printers). It maps all of our client’s operational challenges as it has CRM to manage and track the leads, Finance section to manage the accounts, ledgers, and invoices, Inventory section to track their coworking inventory, Community and Operations section to manage the people in coworking and to communicate with them.

Considering client needs, we also integrated Nexudus with Zapier, Mikrotik,Google Calendar, Ezeep and Paypro. We didn’t only set up Nexududs for the client but also did train their staff on how to use it themselves.

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The client actively started using Nexudus for their management, and they were able to decrease their query time by 30% and their retention rate increased by 15%. The client has since implemented the same solution on their second space and have successfully trained their own employees
themselves. Our relationship since then has continued and we’re helping the
client with other problems.

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