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As Saudi Arabia speeds toward Vision 2030—a bold initiative to modernize and diversify its economy—the transformation hinges on redefining where and how individuals and businesses operate. Among the trailblazers in this paradigm shift is Diom, a dynamic player in the field of innovative co-working spaces. Positioned at the intersection of flexibility and functionality, Diom is a key enabler for individuals, small businesses, and medium to large teams seeking modern, collaborative, and private workspaces.




Saudi Arabia


 UI/UX, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Tech Stack

Nexudus, NodeJs, React, MongoDB, MongoCharts, HTML5, Firebase, ReactNative


Navigating the complexities of Co-working spaces

Unlike many players in the market, Diom knew what it wanted. With a vision to modernize the workspace with high-tech facilities and providing an unparalleled user experience. However, challenges arose on both the admin and user fronts. The user journey faced obstacles during registration due to limited sign-up options. Invoice and payment procedures lacked transparency, leaving users confused about discounts.

That’s when Devbeans stepped in, transforming DIOM’s landscape by simplifying processes. We developed a comprehensive Workplace Management Software, addressing the needs of both administrators and users on both web and mobile applications.


Admin Portal

The admin portal streamlines operations, offering a holistic view of user activities, bookings, and financial transactions. This centralized control ensures efficient resource management, enhances user experience, and contributes to overall business transparency.


Member Portal

The member portal ensures a user-friendly experience, making it easy to navigate, book, and manage workspace resources. Transparent invoicing and flexible subscription plans contribute to increased user satisfaction and loyalty, aligning with Diom’s goal of providing the best user experience in the dynamic workspace industry.

Looking into the future

Devbeans’ Workplace Management Software propels Diom towards the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s economic evolution. The streamlined admin portal ensures efficient resource management, while the member portal makes it easier than ever to book workspaces. This collaboration positions Diom for future success, aligning with its vision and contributing to the goals of Vision 2030.

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