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The Saudi business landscape has recently witnessed a boom in co-working spaces, with Hub by Fintech Saudi emerging as a key player located in the heart of King Abdullah Financial District. Hosting leading startups in the fintech domain and providing fully managed workspace along with Meeting Rooms, Private office, High speed Internet.


Fintech Hub


Saudi Arabia


UI/UX, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Tech Stack

Nexudus, NodeJs, React, MongoDb, MongoCharts, HTML5, Firebase, ReactNative


A need for a centralized system

Charged with the mission to transform Saudi Arabia into an innovative fintech hub and ambitious plan. Hub had laid the groundwork (literally) for their new co-working space but found themselves stuck in the complexities of manually managing the workspace, with an administrative overload and inefficient booking process leading to low gains.

Just like the hub they aimed to be for their customers, was exactly what they needed for themselves – a system that could handle it all. So that’s exactly what Devbeans did. We crafted the UI/UX and developed a comprehensive Workplace Management Software, featuring both an Admin portal and a Member portal, catering to seamless user experiences on both web and mobile applications.


Admin Portal

The Admin Portal streamlines Fintech Hub’s workspace management, offering secure login, efficient handling of tour requests, day passes, and team memberships. It provides administrators with tools for resource and booking management, configurable settings, and a streamlined notification system. Integrated with Nexudus, it serves as a central hub for seamless and secure workspace administratio


Member Portal

The Member Portal in our Workplace Management Software simplifies user experience at Fintech Hub. With a secure login, members effortlessly book meeting rooms, manage printing credits, and stay updated on announcements. The portal streamlines membership and invoice management, with added features for team credit management. It’s a centralized hub for members, offering accessibility and an efficient interface for seamless workspace utilization.

Looking into the future

The implementation of our integrated Workplace Management Software marks a transformative shift for Fintech Hub. Seamlessly managing both administration and member interactions, the system streamlines operations, enhances user experience, and contributes to the overall evolution of Fintech Hub as a dynamic and efficient business hub.

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