Fun Factory - Revolutionizing the way people unwind

Fun Factory, located in Lahore, stands as one of the largest theme parks, offering an array of unforgettable amusement attractions for visitors of all ages. With a commitment to delivering joy, Fun Factory has become a prominent destination for fun-seekers in Lahore.


FunFactory Amusement Park




UI/UX, Web Development

Tech Stack

WordPress, WooCommerce, Integrado, Payment Gateway


Constant innovation in the service industry

Fun Factory faced the challenge of enhancing visitor experiences and embracing digital transformation. The traditional manual process of queuing and topping up the Funcard, a card that holds points for rides, proved cumbersome, leading to missed opportunities for engagement and eventually losing customers. 

To facilitate online customers, Fun Factory now needed a centralized management system to track online transactions and streamline the top-up process.


The digital transformation

Devbeans hit all the sweet spots by targeting and transforming every touch point for for both the customers and the administration.

Designed and developed a cutting-edge, modern, and fun website to align with Fun Factory’s brand.

Introduced an online card management system with a secure payment gateway for handling transactions. Implemented robust user authentication for account and financial security. Set up email notifications for recharge confirmations, transaction receipts, and low Fun Card balance alerts.

Developed a backend system, including an admin portal for managing Fun Card information such as balances, transaction history, and user accounts. Created a user portal with a user-friendly interface for checking balances and recharging Fun Cards.


Fun Factory’s digital transformation ensures a customer-centric future, overcoming challenges with a modern website and online card management. This strategic move positions the park at the forefront of innovation, blending technology and entertainment seamlessly for success in the digital age.

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