Student Mart - One-Stop Shop for Student Essentials

Student Mart, founded with a vision, is a unique marketplace dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students and alumni. Specializing in second-hand items, it offers essential technology and various necessities at reasonable prices. By focusing on the student niche, Student Mart enhances the student experience with affordable access to essential items while promoting sustainable buying practices.


Student Mart




UI/UX, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Tech Stack

WordPress, WooCommerce, Firebase, MyFatoorah, FalconFlex


Navigating technical frontiers

In the journey of creating Student Mart’s student-centric marketplace, a series of technical challenges emerged, each demanding a precise solution.

The quest began with the need for a robust identity verification system, a critical element in building trust among users navigating the student-focused platform.

Meticulously integrating with leading logistics and payment providers followed suit, ensuring a seamless journey for users—from browsing items to making secure payments and receiving timely deliveries.

The narrative unfolded further with a focus on security and privacy—a paramount consideration in a marketplace environment.


The Marketplace

Starting with a blank canvas, Devbeans meticulously crafted Student Mart’s marketplace. From a user-friendly UI/UX design ensuring simplicity to solving identity verification challenges, logistics integration, and optimizing performance, we covered every technical aspect. Notably, the integration of MyFatoorah, a leading Middle Eastern payment platform, provided a secure payment solution.
A distinctive competitive edge was introduced through a negotiation system, allowing students to bid and negotiate prices with sellers—a dynamic feature amplifying the marketplace experience.


Customer and Admin Portal

Crafting two distinct portals tailored to the unique needs of Student Mart, Devbeans has seamlessly blended functionality and efficiency.

In the user portal, a secure login, intuitive product browsing, and a dynamic negotiation system enhance the purchasing experience. Effortless order management, personalized profiles, and real-time notifications contribute to a user-centric environment.

Meanwhile, the admin portal offers a comprehensive dashboard, efficient tools for management, and robust security controls. Reporting features and customization tools empower administrators, overseeing integrated payment gateways like MyFatoorah for seamless configuration and optimization. 

Together, these portals form a cohesive and powerful ecosystem, fostering a thriving marketplace for students and alumni.

Looking into the future

Devbeans has streamlined Student Mart’s marketplace, enhancing user experience and empowering administrators. With a user-friendly portal for effortless purchasing, a unique negotiation system, and an efficient admin interface, Student Mart is well-positioned for sustained growth, offering an unparalleled experience for students and alumni.

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