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Spanning across 300+ cities, Swyft Logistics stands as a prominent tech-driven last-mile e-Parcel delivery service in Pakistan. Specializing in fashion, electronics, and personal care sectors, Swyft aims to revolutionize logistics, fostering unprecedented connections across the nation.


Swyft Logistics




UI/UX, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Tech Stack

NodeJs, React, MongoDB, MongoCharts, HTML5, Python, Firebase


Navigating the Logistics Maze

Swyft Logistics faced multifaceted challenges in its logistics operations, grappling with the intricate ground realities when operating in the logistics realm. Navigating the complex network of suppliers, carriers, and stakeholders posed a formidable task, requiring a delicate balance between efficiency and flexibility in a dynamic environment where unforeseen obstacles often lurked.

In the first mile, maintaining inventory accuracy and optimizing order efficiency were key hurdles. The existing packaging processes needed enhancement to prevent stockouts and shipping errors.

In the mid-mile, regional distribution challenges and the need for efficient sorting and transportation optimization posed logistical complexities. 

Last-mile logistics in urban areas were plagued by issues like traffic congestion, limited parking, and the demand for customer satisfaction in timely and reliable deliveries.


First Mile

Devbeans addressed first-mile challenges by optimizing inventory accuracy, streamlining order processing for swift confirmations, and ensuring secure packaging through our comprehensive logistics software. The introduction of a user-friendly front-end portal facilitated efficient order processing, real-time visibility into stock levels, and enhanced the overall customer experience.


Mid Mile

In the mid mile, our solutions included the establishment of regional hubs for effective inventory management and order fulfillment. We optimized transportation routes and carriers, ensuring cost-effective and timely deliveries. Our logistics software incorporated efficient sorting and cross-docking facilities, contributing to a streamlined movement of goods within the supply


Last Mile

Tackling the challenges of last-mile logistics, we implemented technology solutions for Swyft Logistics. This involved choosing the right delivery methods, addressing urban challenges through efficient route planning, and meeting high customer expectations with real-time tracking and clear communication. The integration of mobile apps for drivers and customer communication tools ensured the optimization of operations, enhancing the overall customer experience in the last mile of the logistics process.

Looking into the future

Tackling each mile at a time, Devbeans successfully provided Swyft Logistics with comprehensive solutions. The optimization of inventory management, efficient transportation, and technology integration contributed to a streamlined supply chain, reduced operational costs, and an enhanced overall customer experience. This collaboration positions Swyft Logistics as a leader in the evolving landscape of Pakistan’s logistics industry.

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